Advanced Financial Modelling and Valuation 2023 (Revamp Class)

  • 30th, 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2023
  • 15:00 – 20:00 WIB
  • Limited Seat
  • Rp9.000.000
    Rp8.100.000 *until 20th Jan 2023
    Location : Online Learning


    3 Days of Intensive Classes With a Total of 9 Sessions. With Practical Application Using Excel and in-depth Analysis Through 5 Case Studies.


    Company Valuation

    • Why Value a Company? What Drives The Value of the Firm?
    • Looking from the Investor’s Perspective
    • Calculating Equity Value including Non-Controlling Interest, Gross Debt, and Net Debt
    • Key Drivers and Formulas of Valuation Methods e.g. ROIC, WACC, Growth, and Size

    Multiples Valuation

    • Equity Multiples Valuation based on Net Income, EPS, Dividends, and NAV
    • EV Multiples Valuation based on Revenues, EBIT, and EBITDA
    • DCF Valuation: Calculating the Terminal Value which includes the Perpetuity Method, the Multiples Method, and the Liquidation Method
    • Comparing Valuation Methods: using Multiples versus DCF

    Financial Modelling

    • Overview of Financial Modelling
    • Building financial model step by step

    Hands-On Excel Case Studies

    • Forecasting Balance Sheets Items
    • Forecasting P&L Items
    • Case Study Financial Modelling(Three Sstatement Model, IPO Model, Private Equity Model, M&A Model, and LBO Model)

    What You Will Get

    • Workshop Materials
    • Certificate of Completion Equating to 13.5 CPD Hours
    • Hands-On Excel Case Study
    • Sharing & Networking Opportunity

    Subject Matter Experts

    1. Hendra Yudhana, CFA – Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Schroders Investment Management Indonesia
    2. Herdianto Budiarto, CFA – Director of PT Ciptadana Asset Management
    3. Irsyad Kamal, MBA, QWP – Lecturer and Researcher at FEB UNPAD, Partner at Nanno Consulting, Bandung Government Investment Advisor
    4. David Bingei, CF, M.Sc-  Project & Corporate Finance Spesialist, Ex-Chairman of Audit Committee, Independent Commisioner at PT Pertamina (Persero)
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